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RIP: Vale Lance Endersbee (1925-2009)
Sunday, October 4th 2009, 5:23 PM UTC
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Emeritus Professor Lance Endersbee, a former dean of engineering and pro-vice chancellor at Monash University, accused the scientific leaders of trying to stifle debate over the causes of climate change.

According to a April 5, 2007 article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Professor Endersbee says it is highly probable that increased electromagnetic radiation of the sun is behind global warming. "There are several disturbing aspects of the IPCC report which indicate that the conclusions are based on serious misconceptions about the behavior of the Earth," Prof Endersbee said.

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"The report reflects little understanding of the dynamic relation between the Earth, the Sun and the Cosmos. In these circumstances it is incredible that some leaders of scientific societies and academies have tried to use their authority to demand acceptance of the IPCC report, "Endersbee added. In a follow-up interview on July 6, 2007 on Australia's ABC Western Queensland's Morning Program, Endersbee explained the earth is an electrical conductor moving through the magnetic flux of the sun. "So we have these electric currents being created within the earth in response to the electro-magnetic radiation of the sun and that is the main driver of climate change on earth - it's not man," he explained. Endersbee believes that the world has been warming naturally due to this increased magnetic flow from the sun that started around the year 1700.

"And now we're starting to depict that it seems to be reaching an end of that cycle and it does seem as though the earth may be cooling down, "he said. Endersbee also said carbon trading schemes were being set up by governments for political reasons, not scientific reasons. "What terrifies me is the way the state governments in Australia [with] their emissions trading are contemplating using the superannuation funds to invest in carbon trading - they're going to lose their money!" He further explained, "Scholarship is being driven by media and media attention and this is a terrifying state of affairs. You can get all the money in the world if the research you're doing is related to climate change... if you say climate change isn't caused by man it's caused by the sun, it doesn't get any money at all."

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OBIT Excerpt: The world has lost one of the architects of its future, with the passing of Emeritus Professor Lance Endersbee AO on Thursday. For more see: RIP: Vale Lance Endersbee (1925-2009): Humanity Loses a Champion

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