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The David Hathaway Solar Cycle 24 Forecast
Tuesday, May 19th 2009, 4:06 AM EDT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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A couple of weeks ago there was a revised Solar Cycle 24 forecast from NASA concerning the so called "Quite Sun".

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I thought you should see the "Old"(top) and "New"(Bottom) image together so you get the feel of how things have been downgraded for SC24, and remember this is just a forecast, we will have to wait until we are past the peak to see how close David was and that is about 4 years away! This new projection is expected to reach 90 Sun Spots per day at it's peak in about 2013. The last time we had that count was in 1928 (Solar Cycle 16) see overlay on the site's "About" page"

You can also see David has used an average length solar cycle period of 11 years, solar cycles can vary between 9 and 14 years, his "new" estimate is just that, an "estimate", and SC24 could be over by 2018.

There is no revised estimate for Solar Cycle 25, one thing I can pass on to you at the outset, SC25 will be lower then SC24, as this solar cycle was always expected to be one of the lowest in 200-300 years.

So, how low with that be? And will it be as low as the Solar Cycle in 1790 that became the start of the Dalton Minimum?

It's not looking good for SC25, forget any issue you have about "Global Warming", history shows that society thrives in a warmer climate but struggles in a cooler one.

This message about Solar Cycle 25 is to try and stop the nonsense we have concerning "Man Made Climate Change", the real problem that we could all face is ONLY 10-20 years ahead, pass it on.....
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