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Cloud Altitude Change Causes Global Temperature Change by Dan Pangburn P.E., guest post at
Tuesday, June 21st 2011, 5:07 PM EDT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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The temperature range of the 20th century spans about 0.74 C. Of this, about 40% or 0.3 C has excellent correlation with the sunspot time-integral. An equation has been derived that calculates average global temperature based on the physical phenomena involved. With inputs of accepted measurements (source web links are given) from government agencies, it calculates the average global temperatures (agt) since 1895 with 88.4% accuracy (87.9% if CO2 is assumed to have no influence). This research is presented at Reference 1 and links given there.

Clouds radiate energy from the planet. Cloud elevation determines cloud temperature and thus the energy rate. The analysis presented here determines that an increase in average cloud altitude of only about 72 meters results in an increase of steady-state average global temperature of 0.3 Celsius degrees. Svensmark2 has shown that more sunspots correlate with fewer low-level (below 3 km) clouds. If there are fewer low-level clouds then average cloud altitude must be higher, average cloud temperature lower, less energy radiated from the planet and thus the planet warms.

Click source to download PDF file and read FULL report from Dan Pangburn
Source Link: Cloud Altitude Change Causes Global Temperature Change (PDF)
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