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How the Active Sun May Affect Your Everyday Life by Mark Paquette
Friday, February 18th 2011, 10:58 AM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)

So much has been in the news recently about the sun becoming active. 2011 is expected to be the peak for solar activity with flares, sunspots, coronal mass ejections (CME), and the solar wind all affecting the world. How will these phenomena affect you personally?

Episodic solar activity has a number of effects that are of interest to us. A radiation dose from energetic particles is an occasional hazard for astronauts and for electronics on satellites. Geomagnetic field disturbances may damage power systems, disrupt communications, interfere with high-tech navigation systems, and create the spectacular auroras (northern and southern lights). They might also affect navigation, space exploration, electric power distribution, and some radio and telephone communication.

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There are also some potential impacts that are not understood. One question is will the active sun affect the shifting of the magnetic poles? For instance, we are currently observing that the north magnetic pole is moving toward Russia at the speed of 40 km per year. Since the sun is now entering its very active phase, I was wondering if the rate at which the poles are shifting would change? I would remind everyone that the shifting of the poles is a pretty natural phenomenon that occurs all the time. However, I cannot rule this possibility out, as I could not find much research on whether these two subjects were related.

With the magnetic pole moving toward Russia, the fact is that we here in the United States and Canada will see a reduction in both the intensity and how often we are able to see the northern lights. According to AccuWeather Astronomy fanpage follower (which you can join by clicking here) Mark Combellack "With the magnetic pole being on our side of the north pole we have always had an advantage over Europe and Russia when it comes to seeing the northern lights. As the pole migrates towards Russia we here in North America will lose that advantage so on the whole there will be less visible Aurora."

You can see a video of the solar flare by clicking here.

A video of a sunspot developing can be seen by clicking url=]here[/url].

Related to the magnetic poles shifting are a couple of strange occurrences that have been observed recently. Over the last month or so, there seems to be an increased number of small plane crashes. These types of planes often use a compass, and not the more technologically advanced methods of navigation such as a GPS system. As the magnetic pole shifts, the compass may become increasingly incorrect, especially in areas that have a large magnetic declination. This may have caused more pilot errors that in turn may have led to more accidents.

A more controversial subject that may be related to the magnetic pole shifting is the recent report of strange bird kills. There are theories out there that say the birds may have been disoriented because they use the magnetic field of the Earth to find their way around. This phenomenon is called magnetoception. I'm not sure if the birds getting confused and losing their way would cause them to drop dead out of the sky, but the fact is that shifting of the magnetic poles may be baffling the birds.

This quote is from AccuWeather Astronomy fanpage member Daniel Vogler "Another theory being thrown out is scalar technology. It uses high electromagnetic waves tuned to a specific length that might target a species."

Here is a link to an interesting article than Daniel told me about that can be read by clicking here. You can leave your comments there as well and be part of a discussion on this or any other astronomy subject.
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