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Updated: Solar Cycle 25 to end "Man Made Climate Change" myth - with comments by Piers Corbyn
Tuesday, June 9th 2009, 9:31 AM EDT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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We have an update posted by Piers Corbyn in the comments section of Solar Cycle 25 to end "Man Made Climate Change" myth - with comments by Piers Corbyn.

CO2sceptic you wrote......

“Think of a freight train moving, or being "active", the journey is fairly constant with not too many collisions between the separate carriages, but when the train is stationary or "non active" each carriage will collide as the train starts to move.

Maybe a better version.....

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"The spin rate of the earth is generally being braked slightly by its interaction with the solar wind and as we get to a solar minimum this braking is less. That probably gives a sort of slow 'jolting effect on oceans and tectonic plates which might exacerbate earthquakes and tremors. We have to think of CHANGES in forces or changes in acceleration rather than simply forces or accelerations.

“Think of a train with its brakes on by a certain fixed amount - constant deceleration. You are sitting in your seat and the braking is thrusting you forward a bit but you have adjustyed for that and feel no discomfort. When the train comes to a stop this braking ends and you feel a jolt and you slump backwards into your seat as the force you provided to not fall forward pushes you back. Similarly when a train (or a plane) changes its acceleration forward you experience jolts.

Generally speaking in a train or plane plenty of jolts occur when they are hardly moving rather than moving at top speed.

In a similar fashion the oceans pressing against the continents or more precisely against some tectonic plates - experience jolts relative to the earth's main crust and core as the interaction with the solar wind changes as we get close to (or move away from) solar minimum.


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