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Evidence From NZ Suggests Start of New Solar Cycle by Surjit Singh
Monday, August 16th 2010, 1:53 PM EDT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Scientists from Boston University’s Center for Space Physics (CSP) have claimed to possess evidence that suggests the initiation of a new cycle of solar-terrestrial activity. The evidence has been fetched in New Zealand.

The research team revealed to have observed a recent aurora displays at high latitudes, that can be seen with a naked eye—along with glows of significantly less luminous intensity in the atmosphere at lower latitudes.

During Sun’s 11 year activity cycle it dissipates some electrically charged particles that introduce changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. These changes results in luminous emissions in the earth’s atmosphere.

However, such emissions vanquish during so-called solar minimum years, but become highly prominent during solar maximum years.

“The emissions we study come from regions ranging from 200-400 km (125-250 miles) above the surface. These gases are caused to glow by energy input from above, energy that flows downward along the Earth’s magnetic field lines”, said New Zealander Dr. Steve Smith, Senior Research Scientist.

According to the Boston University team these signs signify the onset on the cycle. The observation was made by the team using an all-sky camera located at the Mt. John Observatory near Lake Tekapo.
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