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CNN climate disinformant gets religion on global warming by Steven Andrew
Saturday, August 14th 2010, 3:10 AM EDT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Via Climate Progress, CNN's long time climate change skeptic and purveyor of every wingnut talking point on global warming in the book, Chad Myers, finally admits the truth:

Is it caused by man? Yes. Is it 100% caused by man? No. There are other things involved. We are now in the sun spot cycle. We are now in a very hot sun cycle. there are many other things going on. But, yes, a significant portion of this is caused by greenhouse gases keeping heat on the shore, on the land, in the atmosphere that could have escaped without those greenhouse gases, so, yes, it’s warmer. . ..

No doubt we're now supposed to applaud Myers for ending his long reign of misinformation and energy industry apologetic -- assuming that is what this signals -- and just forgive him. Which might have been possible, if not for the stuff I've emphasized above which is all too representative of Myers. That bold statement is not only wrong, it is 100% wrong and he knows it. Below are the sunspot and solar irradiance cycles plotted on the same graph by year courtesy of NASA.

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As you can see, both sunpots and solar irradiance move together and both are just barely coming out of a deep minimum. The sun has been in the coolest part of its cycle, with the least number of sunspots, for the last two or three years (2010 is not complete yet, but the events so far are yet another reason record heat on earth is so worrisome). In meteorology circles, this is high school level stuff. Which means either Myers, who is CNN's purported national weather expert, has a sub high-school understanding of the science in his field, or he intentionally lied on America's most trusted news network. Take your pick.
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